About Us

The Trailwood Foundation is dedicated to supporting our communities and those victimized by crime by providing the essential tools Advocates need to manage their cases and provide the best service possible to those that have been harmed by victimization.

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Mission Vision Statement

The foundation’s mission is to develop and provide professional trainings and prevention education on the most relevant topics in victim services and current national issues. The foundation will be a source of continuing education and training on direct service delivery, grant writing & management, cultural sensitivity & inclusion, limited English accessibility for programs, mental health and vicarious trauma for victim service professionals.


About Us

Trailwood Foundation is a new non-profit 501c organization that has been created by a Victim Advocate to serve the needs of Victims and the Victim Advocates that support them.  The goal of Trailwood Foundation is to be a minimal organization funded by memberships, fund raising efforts and with the help of local, regional, and national grants and other financial resources that will allow the foundation to have sustainability and become self-sufficient. This will allow us to offset the expenses of Victim Advocates and we will utilize most of the foundation dollars to benefit Vicitm Advocates who give so much to care for the needs of victims of crime.     

Trailwood was created to serve a need that seemed to be lacking in this much needed space.  While there are national coalitions and local resources, they are limited in their ability to respond on a timely manner and to be specific to the needs of Victim Advocates and the most relevant issues Advocates face today.  Trailwood hopes to achieve that goal to be a well-recognized leader in this capacity.    

Victim Advocates have been reaching out for us asking for this type of engagement as a national resource dedicated to their needs.  That demand has led to the creation of Trailwood Foundation.    

In this capacity Trailwood Foundation will offer seminars, live webinars, online courses and regional and national events that will be at no cost or very minimal costs to its audience.